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Everyone knows the name and it’s one of the brands that everyone looks to when they think about denim: Levi’s, the first brand to invent jeans. Responsible for the 5 pocket jeans that we all know and love, the U.S. label is one of the oldest fashion brands and has remained relevant for more than 168 years. But let’s start at the beginning:


The original riveted work pants were patented by German Jewish immigrant Levi Strauss in 1873 and became staples of quality, durable workingmen’s garments. In the 1950s, blue jeans, particularly Levi Strauss’s classic ‘501’s‘ emerged as fashion statements thanks to Marlon Brando and other (future) style icons. The dominance of Levi's in this fashion phenomena transformed the label from a successful regional company into one of the world's largest clothing brands.


Levi’s commitment to quality products and the brand’s consistency attracts jeans fans up to this day, including brands such as Jordan, Stussy, Supreme or Off-White which led to various collaborations over the years. Aside from iconic denim, the Levi’s collection nowadays includes shirts, jackets, tees and much more as well.