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At BSTN, we have always vowed to keep family first which is why we have established a one-of-a-kind program to reward customer loyalty. From premium sportswear to athletic footwear, any item from the entire BSTN online shop that is not classified as a Raffle or a ‘Hot Release’ will count towards improving your chances in the Raffle releases you enter.

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How to become a Pro?

1. Create your BSTN account

Create a or to your existing account if you already have one.

2. Every valid purchase counts towards your PRO status

Every product except for hot releasesCertain products within the BSTN portfolio are tagged as ‘hot’ release products. This includes but is not limited to every product that is released via a raffle. ‘Hot’ products are excluded from counting towards your Pro status. will automatically count towards your status upgrade every yearOnce you’ve reached 250 points at the BSTN online shop – whether in one purchase or across multiple ones – you’ll reach PRO status for at least one year. Each period runs from March 1st to February 28th/29th of the following year. Depending on the date of achieving your PRO status, raffle perks may run for longer but never shorter than 365 days..

3. Unlock PRO status at BSTN.com

Once you’ve reached 250 points, you’ll unlock PRO status, increasing your chance in all BSTN raffles!

Why become a Pro?

Members of the BSTN Fam with the PRO status unlocked benefit from increased chances in every BSTN Raffle they enter. Here’s how it works:


100% of stock

Limited quantities determined by brand partners, available for all registered BSTN customers who enter.


rookie pool

50% is raffled amongst ROOKIES All BSTN customers who have not reached PRO status, incl. those who exclusively buy Raffle or ‘Hot Release’ products.


pro pool

50% are raffled amongst the smaller PRO group. The members of the BSTN Family who have unlocked their PRO status through the steps outlined above.


As a PRO, your raffle entry is placed in a much smaller group which considerably increases your chances of winning.

But don’t worry: First-time customers and those who have not unlocked PRO status yet will always have a chance to win, too, by way of the ROOKIES draw for each raffle.

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Family over everything

BSTN has always taken pride in keeping family first, which is why we have created a dedicated raffle pool to reward the most loyal members of the BSTN Family. Once you’ve unlocked your PRO status, you will benefit from being entered in a smaller raffle pool (PROS only) that significantly increases your chances of winning each BSTN Raffle you decide to enter.

However, the latest members of our BSTN Fam as well as members who haven't quite unlocked their PRO status just yet have a chance to win in each and every raffle that they enter via the ROOKIES draw.

Frequently asked questions

Why did we create the Loyalty Program?

With the BSTN Loyalty Program we are rewarding loyal customers with increased chances of winning in our raffles. All regular customers can benefit by leveling up to their PRO status.

How to take part at the Loyalty Program?

You can participate in our program simply by creating a BSTN customer account. All registered customers can work towards their PRO status with every order that contains applicable products. Please make sure to be logged in when placing your order! Details on PRO status and on how to progress towards it are stated below.

How can I benefit from the Loyalty Program?

As a regular customer you can easily benefit from our Loyalty Program. Every order that you place which contains eligible products will count towards your PRO status. To reward your loyalty, once you have reached PRO status you will benefit from increased chances of winning our raffles for at least 12 months.

What type of levels are there?

Within the Loyalty Program there are two levels, ROOKIE and PRO. ROOKIE is your initial status that you get once you have created a customer account. Once you've collected 250 points, you get PRO status which will give you increased chances of winning our raffles.

What does ROOKIE status mean?

As a ROOKIE you are either a new customer or you didn't yet collect 250 points in the current or last period. ROOKIES can participate in our raffles and also have chances of winning products, although they're lower. By leveling up to PRO status, you become part of our exclusive loyal customer pool and easily increase your chances of winning raffles. You can check your current status and progress within your customer account section.

What does PRO status mean?

As a PRO you have collected 250 points or more within the current season. PROs are part of our exclusive PRO customer pool and get significantly increased winning chances for our raffle draws. You can check your current status and progress within your customer account section.

How long does a Loyalty Program period last?

Each period runs from 1. March until 28. February. We will notify you as soon as a season is coming to its end, so you can keep an eye on your status and current progress. Please keep in mind that the date of purchase determines to which period an order is affiliated, independent from when the purchase switches from pending to confirmed.

How is the raffled stock split amongst the participants?

We allocate 50% of our raffle stock to the large pool of ROOKIE participants and 50% of the stock to the significantly smaller pool of PRO customers. Therefore, with PRO status, your chances of winning a raffle are way higher. Please note that we will not provide any information on numbers of participants or available stock quantities.

How long do I keep my PRO Status?

As soon as you have collected 250 points within the running period, you will instantly become a PRO and keep your status for at least 12 months or until the next season has ended. To extend your PRO status by another 12 months, all you have to do is to collect 250 points in the upcoming season again.

Is winning a raffle guaranteed with PRO status?

No. Even though your chances of winning a raffle are significantly higher with PRO status, there's no guarantee of winning. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!

Can I win a raffle at all with ROOKIE status?

Yes, you can also win raffles with ROOKIE status. However, since you compete against a larger group of competitors and do no get access to the separate stock allocated to PROs, your winning chances are significantly lower. You can increase your chances by leveling up to PRO status.

What purchases count towards my PRO status?

As a logged-in customer all non-returned eligible purchases count towards your PRO status. Shipping costs are not taken into account. Raffle- and Hot Release products do not count towards your PRO status. All excluded products will be highlighted accordingly on their product page.

Which products do not count towards my PRO status?

Raffle- and Hot Release products will be excluded from the program. All excluded products will be highlighted accordingly on their product page.

An order I placed has not yet been confirmed to count towards my PRO status. Why?

As only non-returned purchases count towards your PRO status, each order will be pending for 30 days as of order date. After 30 days, all non-returned eligible products within your order will then count towards your PRO status.

What happens to returned products?

Returned products do not count towards you PRO status. Once your returned products have been processed, your order value will be adjusted to the remaining order total. 30 days after order date, the remaining order total will the be confirmed to work towards your PRO status.

What happens to my instore purchases?

For now instore purchases unfortunately do not count towards your PRO status. We are working on a solution for it and the feature should be available soon.

How did I gain my initial status?

For the launch of our loyalty program on 01.03.2023, all orders placed with an existing customer account within the last 6 months were taken into account. Based on this, your initial level was set.