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Carhartt Work In Progress (Carhartt WIP) is the European division of American brand Carhartt, one of the first companies to pioneer workwear in the USA. Founded in 1889, the original Carhartt company was founded in Detroit by Hamilton Carhartt and soon became a staple in workwear thanks to its high quality. Fast forward to the end of the 20th century, the brand became increasingly relevant for the streetwear and fashion scene, thanks to rappers and skaters from the east coast embracing the wide-loose cut of Carhartt clothes and its durability.

Exactly 100 years after Hamilton Carhartt started the Carhartt legacy, Carhartt WIP emerged from it by opening its first store in London in 1989. The brand carefully adapts Carhartt’s core product characteristics while reinterpreting the original cuts for streetwear aficionados who value refined design and quality. Thanks to a certain ruggedness, a timeless color palette and well-chosen collabs with the likes of New Balance or Converse, apparel by Carhartt WIP is indispensable in streetwear these days – arguably even more than when street culture first embraced the brand in the 90s.

At BSTN, you can find all the classics by Carhartt WIP from timeless tees and tops to sweaters or iconic beanies. Or you can fall back on the pants and workwear jackets, whose rugged aesthetics are not only celebrated by a certain Kanye West or A$AP Rocky.