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The Converse sneaker – from its initial release as a shoe designed for basketball to its rise as one of the sneakers of choice for skaters, to its eventual position today as one of the strongest alternative sneaker styles on the table – is truly an unique story in the world of sneakers. But let’s start at the beginning.


In 1908, a certain Marquis Mills Converse had the idea of creating the first shoes with rubber soles. Quickly they became most appropriate as basketball shoes, since they were very effective on the floor. The huge success of Converse started when the brand became the most present sponsor of the American Basketball League (the ancestor of the NBA) and when they hired Charles ‘Chuck‘ Taylor, who boosted the sneaker’s sale. As a tribute, they added his name to the famous ankle patch detail – the ‘Chuck Taylor All Star‘ was born.


Understanding early on, Converse shoes could be spotted on famous feet from Kurt Cobain to Drake or Kanye West. Various collaborations with artists and designers made the ‘Chucks‘ even more popular and they remain a statement piece to this day. Today you can choose from a wide range of models in different materials from canvas, leather to Gore-Tex and the Converse collection is rounded out by an apparel selection with hoodys, shirts, shorts and more.