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Two brothers working together to make athletes run faster – yes, this sounds somehow familiar. Well, this is a different story and it starts 1954 in the UK, when two British brothers named Joe and Jeff Foster gave their grandfather's company, founded in 1895 already, a new name: Reebok.


Over the following years, the sporting goods manufacturer expanded into the U.S. market and became a global player. And did we mention yet that Reebok is considered one of the pioneers of the fitness boom in the 1980s? It didn't stop there though: Thanks to its revolutionary ‘The Pump‘ technology, which aimed at optimizing the fit of the shoe through individually inflatable air cushions, the brand also got big in the basketball game. Soon NBA stars including Shaquille O’Neal were spotted wearing the company‘s shoes. Since then, the list of big names Reebok collaborated with didn’t get any shorter including Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z or Venus Williams.


Today the brand not only produces performance runners, but also made its way into streetwear. With iconic models like the Classic or Club C 85 along with a great apparel selection including sweater, tees, shorts and more, Reebok perfectly manages to outbalance their iconic retros with modern aesthetics.