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‘Off the wall‘ since 1966, that’s the story of Vans. And it begins with the opening of ‘The Van Doren Rubber Company‘ in Anaheim, California, by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doeren and their partners. What was new and unique about the company was that it sold shoes directly to the public after manufacturing them. Amongst those shoes were the #44 deck shoes, which is better known as the ‘Authentic’ up to this day. 


Very quick skateboarders who liked the style and sticky sole of Vans shoes could be seen sporting them all over Southern California. In 1975, the #95 model, known today as the Vans ‘Era‘, was designed with a padded collar and was available in different colors. It soon became the shoe of choice for a whole generation of young skateboarders. Followed by shoe #36, aka the ‘Old Skool‘ model, classic Slip-Ons and other famous silhouettes, Vans shoes became even more popular.


And even when trends and shoe silhouettes in the skate scene started to shift every couple of years, Vans remained relevant thanks to its close ties with various subcultures and the shoes’ comfort alike. And did we mention the brand’s legendary rock festival Warped Tour and their collabs with the likes of Supreme? Here at BSTN you can find a wide range of Vans sneaker models, accessories and apparel including sweaters and tees.