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From a simple polo shirt to a fashion empire - How Lacoste conquered the world.


The brand's history started 1933 in France, when it was founded by the world pro tennis player René Lacoste. The exceptional athlete earned the nickname "the Crocodile" after losing a bet for a crocodile skin suitcase and solidified it due to his unrivaled determination and toughness similar to that of a crocodile. Fittingly, he wore polo shirts embroidered with the figure of a crocodile on the tennis court, creating probably one of the most timeless garments ever. A few years later, the much sought-after polo shirts with crocodile logo got released in public – since then the crocodile has become one of the most-known signatures in the world and has stood for excellent quality since the company's beginnings.


Through innovative collaborations with brands such as Golf Wang, Supreme or the artist Keith Haring, Lacoste has also taken over the streetwear scene in recent years and still convinces with the goodwill of yesteryear: high quality and simple, but expressive design. At BSTN you can find the classic polo shirt in many different color variations, next to sweaters, pants and footwear. And by the way, the cut of the polo still resembles the one worn by René Lacoste himself on the tennis court - pure nostalgia.