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With outdoor gear edging into luxury fashion and streetwear for a little while now, some of the latter’s most sought-after garments these days come from outdoor brands whose items were not necessarily considered ‘street’ thirty years ago – if we’re not talking forest paths or mountain paths, to be precise. And it comes as no surprise that Salomon, thanks to its rich brand history, has been one of the forerunners of this fashion phenomenon for a long time (and still is).


Founded in 1947 in Annecy, France, the engineering-led brand first started out making skiing equipment and then skiwear and clothing, branching out into shoes in the early 90s. With its hard-wearing sneakers being the absolute favorite with trail runners, Salomon has always been built around function rather than fashion. But as the years passed, Salomon sneakers suddenly could be spotted on the feet of Drake or Rihanna and got celebrated by famous streetwear blogs thanks to their forward-thinking designs. Nowadays, the brand is as popular with fashion stylists and sneakerheads all over the world as it is with Alpine trail runners and Nordic skiers – a masterclass in finding a new audience while staying true to a brand’s identity.


With futuristic designs, functional materials and technologies, Salomon sneakers like the popular XT-4 or XT-6 are here to stay. Get your pair at BSTN now!