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Shipping to CA from CA$ 12.99

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Who would have guessed that Shawn Stussy’s tiny surf shop in Laguna Beach, California, would turn into one of the world's leading streetwear brands (which is known as Stussy nowadays)? Probably not even the passionate surfer and streetwear legend himself, who in 1979 opened up a small store where he sold self-designed surfboards and apparel. He originally intended to use the clothes – branded with the Stussy logo – merely as advertising for himself, his surf crew and his surfboards, but it sold so well that the company decided to release a full apparel line.


For his collections, Shawn Stussy drew inspiration not only from surfing but also from other subcultures that he encountered during his travels: The influence of the 80s’ emerging hip-hop scene, Japan, skate culture and the works of Keith Haring are just a few of the influences that are ubiquitous in Stussy’s timeless pieces. Simultaneously, the brand’s design and attitude influenced today’s streetwear as well, with Supreme founder James Jebbia and Kim Jones (of Christian Dior) being amongst Stussy’s outspoken admirers.

Despite its popularity, the American brand still remains true to its roots, yet it doesn’t shy away from leaving its comfort zone neither with a broad range of hoodies, sweatpants, beanies and other pieces, while regular collaborations with fellow tastemakers are further proof that Stussy is here to stay.