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With basketball debates being as ingrained in the daily life at BSTN HQ as the latest sneaker releases and hand-picked premium sportswear labels, the Hoops Treasure Trove provides an outlet. In irregular intervals and in no particular order, we’ll compile certain highlights or specific players from the National Basketball Association’s golden era that have ignited a recent argument by the watercooler.

Penny Hardaway

While his name was briefly mentioned for recent NBA head coaching vacancies, Penny Hardaway decided to continue his job at the University of Memphis. His NBA career, however, is a constant topic of discussion with his style of play being as breathtaking as the what-ifs regarding his devastating injury history are plentiful. The highlight reel of the electric point guard instantly brings back nostalgia.

Vince Carter

You can’t have a basketball argument with a reasonable person without having Vince Carter ranked at the very top of the list of dunkers. That’s a given. However, from time to time, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a quick reminder just how silky-smooth yet explosively powerful Air Canada was as an in-game dunker … when he simply jumped and improvised while in mid-air. Case in point …


While Shaquille O’Neal changed his playing style almost as often as he came up with a new nickname for himself whenever he arrived at a new NBA destination, there is no denying that during those early days, Magic-Shaq had a special aura about him. He may not have been as dominant as the Lakers’ version of the early 2000s or as savvy as the veteran who brought a ring to South Beach before LeBron did. But young Superman was a matchless force of nature during those Orlando days.

Larry Johnson

A hands-down fan favorite at the BSTN offices, Larry Johnson personifies the unique 90s NBA swagger like few others. His aggressive playing style, posterizing dunks and air-punching celebrations are dearly missed in today’s game. Plus, is there anything more 90s than the combination of his trademark smile, gold tooth and those old-school Hornets jerseys? Didn’t think so.

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