Introducing the Since 08 line, BEASTIN’s first official collection of premium essentials, backed with a long-term plan and a ‘never-out-of-stock’ approach.

While the collection features minimalistic branding centered around the 08 script logo, the fabrics are doing most of the talking here. BEASTIN has spent over a year sourcing and engineering the right fabrics, developing the right cuts and making sure to deliver an essentials line that can compete with the best in the business.

True to BEASTIN’s renowned heritage sportswear philosophy, the line consists of elevated sportswear staples with upgraded material selections. The pack is highlighted by the Coliseum Sweatsuit, available in four color schemes and made of 530 gsm dry touch loopback heavyweight cotton terry. The collection’s expert craftsmanship continues on the heavyweight and slightly oversized (read: OG fitted) basic tees, boasting 330 gsm premium cotton.

True products of the 90s, BEASTIN has always been a true fan of classic army-inspired utility wear that was omnipresent on the streets from Brooklyn to L.A. during that golden era of hip-hop and basketball. As army fatigues and Timb boots were go-to wardrobe essentials for every fan of the culture back in the day, the Since 08 line also includes classic utility wear features mixed with sportswear looks.

The style is best illustrated by the Lambeau Liner Vest, a classic army liner vest that gets a contemporary sporty twist by adding a classic varsity two-tone rip collar (pictured above). Or the lightweight nylon pants, a classic warmup or postgame look featuring embedded cargo pockets to once again underline the utility approach (pictured below on the right).

Deep-rooted in premium sportswear and athletic culture, BEASTIN is sticking to their everlasting “Keep it Fairplay” principle when it comes to the Since 08 line. Its price structure is summed up by co-founder and Creative Director Chris Boszczyk:

It has always annoyed me that certain brands tend to shamefully overprice their essentials. When creating basics and wardrobe essentials, I believe that a fair pricing structure is key because it allows brand supporters to continuously buy into products. That’s why we try our best to deliver superb products in terms of materials and details while keeping the price as reasonable as possible. While other brands charge over 200 Euros for a plain hoodie with mediocre fabrics, we can say with our chin up and our chest out that we have created a price value that is second to none.

Chris Boszczyk, co-founder & Creative Director Beastin

True to the never out of stock approach, BEASTIN plans to follow up regularly on the Since 08 line with seasonal additions for hot or cold days throughout the year. The initial set of must-have premium essentials launches on Friday, February 12, at noon CET, exclusively at BSTN.

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