The All Tricks No Treats pack by Beastin x Chinatown Market is available exclusively at BSTN!

Munich-based premium sportswear label Beastin has teamed up with L.A. streetwear powerhouse Chinatown Market to create an exclusive and strictly limited Halloween collection.

The capsule underlines the core DNA of each of the two collaborating brands and highlights adaptations of Chinatown Market’s infamous smiley designs as well as Beastin’s renowned passion for US sports culture. The line consists of two hoodies, four tees, and a pair of basketball shorts. In addition, the Beastin x Chinatown Market Halloween theme is featured on a Dimanche skate deck, an “Ikea style“ nylon shopping bag and plastic party cups. The collection’s signature piece is a premium quality basketball incorporating the collaborations eye-catching Jack-O’-Lantern design.

Starring as the Beastin x Chinatown Market campaign’s testimonial is NBA icon Jason Williams, one of Beastin’s all-time hoop heroes. His game had a lethal smoothness to it that cannot be found at the Point Guard position (even the great A.I. would have a tough argument here). In a unique way, J-Will managed to combine his flamboyant and ferocious on-court personality with the captivating charm and courteous mannerisms of a laid-back West Virginian. They say don’t meet your heroes. We’re hella glad we did, though.

Known for his flashy passing ability and mesmerizing ball handling, ’White Chocolate’ is driving home the pack’s ‘All Tricks No Treats’ theme like nobody else could. For the campaign images Williams dons a custom-built smiley version of his namesake’s masks, that can also be found on some of the t-shirts included in the collection.

The All Tricks No Treats pack by Beastin x Chinatown Market will be available solely at BSTN, dropping on October 23rd just in time for Halloween. Visit our stores in Munich and Hamburg or shop online by clicking the button below!

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