Photos via Chun Café Amsterdam

No matter if you’re new to the Dutch capital city or not: A day filled with Amsterdam’s incredible museums, bike rides along the canals or visits to its infamous coffee shops requires a bite or two in between – and probably even more in one of these cases, but that’s another story.

To help you with that, we teamed up with Ruben, one half of Amsterdam-based vintage shop Sabbatical Vintage, for a hand-picked munchies map that has been shaped by well-deserved snack stops during the vintage conaisseur’s countless hunts for the finest vintage items in the city. And Ruben being born 15 minutes from Amsterdam, plus having lived there for 15 years and counting probably helps too.

The third volume of the BSTN Chronicles ‘City Series’ features five tasteful Amsterdam munchies spots, tried and tested (and most importantly) approved by Ruben, with a few insider tips along the way:

KID Amsterdam

Location: Ruysdaelkade 251, 1072 AX Amsterdam

“Formerly known as Kip ‘n Drip, these three friends of mine became well known in Amsterdam for their delicious chicken wings and burgers. Started out with pop ups, they now have opened their own restaurant named KID and this instantly became one of my favourite spots to have a relaxed dinner.

The vibe is right, good people and the food is their heritage on a plate. Try out their oyster mushroom sandwich!”

Chun Café

Location: Berenstraat 8, 1016 GH Amsterdam

“At Chun’s, you have to have some patience because there’s always a line from opening untill closing time. It’s worth the wait though, their toasts are incredible with the egg salad being my personal favourite. Combine it with a mango iced tea and you’re good to go!”

Maijard Smash Burgers

Location: Rozengracht 9, 1016 LP Amsterdam

“With a fairly new location on the Rozengracht, these guys are killing it with their smashed burgers. And it’s not only about the burgers, I’d recommend trying the sides as well, loaded fries and coleslaw. And make sure you’re on time because they only offer a limited amount of burgers a day.”

Koopman Delicatessen

Location: Elandsgracht 100HS, 1016 VA Amsterdam

“My favourite lunch spot for a quick sandwich when I’m at work. No nonsense sandwiches, with the most famous one being their ‘broodje bal’. An homemade meatball on a white bun with, I suggest, truffle mayonnaise. All sandwiches are under 5€ so you’re getting a bang for your buck as well. Something to consider with the inflation being sky high of course.”


Multiple locations, for example: Leidsestraat 94, 1017 PW Amsterdam

“I was not sure about putting this on the list but it simply has to be on there due to being a historic pillar in Amsterdam snack culture. It’s pretty much an automated snackbar where you can get typical dutch snacks out of a wall of vending machines, with the most popular snack being the kroket (croquette).

Whether you’re on an afternoon stroll through the city, having a family snack dinner on the weekend or drunk at 03:00 AM, the FEBO is always here for you.”

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