True to BSTN’s proprietary ‘Feed Fam, Fuck Fame!‘ philosophy, we’re introducing you to some members of the immediate as well as the extended BSTN family. In their own words, they talk about themselves, their career, and selected topics close to their heart. This is Feed Fam – Episode X featuring our own Julian Holtz, Creative Director of the newly re-launched BSTN Brand.

On the importance of sports in his upbringing:

Sports played a huge role in our household. I already mentioned my dad, but my entire family is a basketball family. My grandfather was my coach. My mom played. My aunt played as well. So, starting to play basketball at the age of five came naturally in my family. I also participated in track & field as well as in swimming, but basketball has been my main focus from the very beginning.

On a sudden change in career paths:

I was interested in fashion early on, even outside the game of basketball. But basketball is so intertwined with fashion and culture that you can’t help but become interested in sneakers and everything else that surrounds the game. However, the moment that stirred me towards fashion in a professional way happened when I was playing semi-professional basketball.

I hurt my knee quite badly and all of a sudden, that career path was no longer available for me. It forced me to think about what else I truly liked, and the answer was sneakers and fashion. So, I started to look for jobs in that direction right away following my injury. And I’ve worked in the industry ever since.

On different perspectives on the industry:

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for some of the biggest brands in the business as well as smaller labels, but also have the experience of starting my own line. This not only gave me different perspectives on the fashion industry but also allowed me to experience different work environments. It showed me a variety of ways to work on clothes or on fashion in general.

However, the most important thing is – whether you’re working for a bigger company or a smaller label – it’s all about a creative process. That’s what I love about my job. To create a good product, you need creative space. You need time to think about it and – quite literally – be creative.

On the BSTN Brand:

The unique feature of BSTN, as a store, is that it started with the brand. The apparel label BEASTIN was founded first and BSTN became the retail concept that was built around the idea and set up the multi-brand environment.

Currently, the BSTN Brand is undergoing an extensive re-branding. Going forward, the different apparel and accessory lines (from BEASTIN to BSTN) will be combined under the re-launched BSTN Brand.

As the Creative Director for the BSTN Brand, I might be biased, but I think of the apparel brand as the heart and soul of entire BSTN ecosystem. It not only allows us to be creative but it’s also a great vehicle for story-telling, which has been very important for BSTN from day one.

On his role within the team:

My input is to have a vision and be a forward-thinker. I was brought here to not just see the status quo but to think about the future of the brand. We have a distinct basketball heritage and a close connection to sports culture, but I think it’s very important to constantly challenge the status quo.

My day-to-day work includes a lot of communication that’s necessary to put those ideas into action with the help of our team. You can’t just be a dreamer, but you also have to put in the work.

On re-launching the BSTN Brand:

In the past, we’ve had multiple lines at the same, but my idea is to have one wholistic line and one strong story-telling approach. That’s why we decided to merge BEASTIN and BSTN together. It’s important for us to stay close to our brand’s DNA – we did not create an entirely new label. Everything started in basketball. This sports culture, as well as the music and urban culture that’s connected to it, will always be part of our DNA. We’re just trying to be even more purpose-driven.

Since we come from a sports background, we decided to equip our products with more sports functionality and performance capabilities going forward. We’re not going to become a pure performance brand, but our goal is to create active wear with distinct performance features. We’re bringing sport and lifestyle together and try to create products with a purpose.

On innovation:

A new product or a new collection is born with the first spark, an initial idea. This doesn’t always have to be a finished concept right away, it might be just a glimpse of something. Once an idea is developed, we discuss it within our team but also with people on the outside.

We’re trying to develop products that are appealing to the next generation as well, so we have to make sure that we communicate with them constantly. I think it’s very important to be open-minded, so we make sure to get feedback from people whose opinion we trust from all around the world. But everything has to start with our own clear vision of the product and the collection.

On the Alpine Basketball collection:

When it comes to the re-launch of the BSTN Brand, it was very important for us to create a starting point. That’s why our inaugural collection is paying homage to where we are from. We asked ourselves: ‘Can we tell a story that’s not only about basketball but about Munich and the south of Germany?’ The more we thought about it, the more the idea of combining the game we love and the landscape that’s right on our doorstep grew on us. That’s how the Alpine Basketball collection was born.

It includes different cut and sew pieces and active wear like a series of shell jackets that we engineered from scratch. We also created some matching outdoor pants that can be worn as a lifestyle item but will also hold their own when you actually take them to the Alps. In addition, we engineered our own jacquard that illustrates the Alpine basketball theme and can be found on multiple items within the collection. Those are just some of the new things we introduce with this collection.

On pushing the envelope:

It’s important for us to constantly look for ways to improve and for ways to innovate. We can’t be stuck in the past, that’s why we always have to challenge the status quo. While our brand will always be rooted in sports, we are looking to get better with every collection, improve the functionality of our clothes and keep pushing.

We want to take people on this journey with us – invite them to experience the development of each collection and the new pieces that we introduce with every drop. We want to be innovative on the product side as well as on the product side. We’re truly excited for what’s next.

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