True to BSTN’s proprietary ‘Feed Fam, Fuck Fame!‘ philosophy, we’re introducing you to some members of the immediate as well as the extended BSTN family. In their own words, they talk about themselves, their career, and selected topics close to their heart. This is Feed Fam – Episode XII featuring our very own Sevian Witter.

On the importance of sport:

Sport has always been part of my DNA. My Mum was into athletics, and my Dad was a breakdancer turned sports coach. Basketball was introduced later in my life, but it quickly became my main passion. The character development that comes with participating in sports and being part of a team is second to none. There are so many ups and downs, mentally and physically, you’re always having to pivot. Being able to sharpen your mentality to deal with all these pressures, really equipped me with a lot of tools that cross over into day to day life.  

On family:

My family are my foundation. I come from a big family, the oldest of 6. My parents made a decision to educate myself and my siblings from home. I credit that upbringing for giving me a lot of skills that I use today, the main ones being my character and self motivation. I truly believe you’re able to do anything if you chose to apply yourself to learning it.  

To be able to grow up close with my siblings and parents has definitely been a blessing that I don’t take for granted. A house full of diamonds.

On being a Jordan Brand ambassador:

Being a member of the London Jordan Women’s Collective as an ambassador is a truly surreal experience and beyond a dream. 

I’m enjoying this organic journey I’m on with the squad to take the steps to make a lasting impact. I’ve already been able to experience incredible moments and I look forward to embracing more. 

Once I discovered basketball, it was all about MJ. Watching footage, practicing his moves, saving up for the J’s. I was 15 when I got my first pair of Jordan 1’s. A custom pair in the UNC colorway. This was special to me as my coach (Steve Bucknall) also went to the same college as MJ.  

MJ had an aura and a mindset that was engulfing. The goat in my eyes.  

On art:

My Dad was a fine artist and had a portfolio of sketches mainly around martial arts icons. We grew up watching a lot of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung etc. Growing up, I was always sketching something. At one point I wanted to be an author, or create my own comic book. Then I realised I was taking too long to draw one scene because I enjoyed adding details. That’s when I focused on portraits / realism and discovered my favourite artist, Kelvin Okafor’s, work.  

Creating art is a happy place for me. The process can be frustrating and procrastination definitely consumes me at times. But it’s always worth it when the piece is complete.  

On passions and balance:

For myself it can be very challenging finding a balance, especially when I have many things I’m passionate about. Naturally I want to take it all on, but it’s very difficult to give 100% if you do. I’m a very passionate person, almost to a fault. I love being able to experience things to the fullest in all aspects of life. 

Life is all about decisions, so I try and put myself in the best place possible to make those decisions. Through learning, experiences, conversations and being open to feedback, I’m able to create an environment where I stay sharp. I see it like basketball and a shot percentage. I’m trying to put myself in a position to have a high “decision making” percentage. Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice in order to achieve that balance, but overall if you believe you’re able to make good decisions, you’ll be able to be comfortable with that choice. 


Being able to plant the seeds within my community for others to see a vision, and create their own paths through that. I try and do that through myself, good energy and my journey, but also through the conversations I’m able to have with people who can make a change.  

I love a quote from Kobe Bryant:

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so they can be great in whatever they want to do.

– Mamba Forever


From the south, from the heart. I couldn’t have written a better script, but God holds the pen anyway. 

I love being able to channel all aspects of who I am into my journey with BSTN. The multiple crossovers align with the overall vision and I’m grateful for the belief from the team. Next chapter. Thank you basketball. 

Brixton. London. Worldwide. 

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