Photo by Hannes Berger

If you’ve never seen mountain bike rider Fabio Wibmer do what he does best, simply picture a traditional pie chart. Except that the pie chart only has one color. And the key, the little explanatory note right next to the graphic, only lists one thing: Full send!

On the other hand, there is a decent chance you’ve seen Fabio ride a bike before. Dude casually racks up hundreds of millions of views with his breathtaking acrobatics on two wheels and his unrivaled creativity. However, there’s a chance you might not have seen something quite like this before. In his latest video project, the 27-year-old Austrian morphs into a video game character.

While some of his previous stunts have made him look like a video game character on occasion, Wibmer completes the immersion in its entirety with his latest project. The action on the bike is as spectacular as it has ever been – Fabio is coming off of two injury-plagued years, and his desire to get back to riding jumps off the screen – but he and his team have got the video game characteristics down to the most minute details.

Casual observers and video game buffs alike will notice numerous details exhibiting varying degrees of subtleness – from the mini-map to the characteristic hop or Wibmer changing bikes and switching between his clothing and his merch brands – alluding to multiple titles from one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Sure, the Wasted meme has become ubiquitous in pop culture but rarely has a video game parody pulled of this level of grandeur so effortlessly.

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