From the iconic Chicago Bulls championship runs in the early and late 90s to the dominant L.A. Lakers team going back to back to back in the early 2000s, one commonality has always existed between some of the most legendary winners in NBA history: The ultimate championship jacket.

Handmade in its entirety by Jeff Hamilton, a French fashion designer based in Los Angeles, these flamboyant leather jackets were mandatory parts of the championship celebrations of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, among others. Custom-made for the biggest stars in basketball after a Finals win, the Jeff Hamilton jackets have become the ultimate collectors’ piece for those in the know, especially the highly-sought after Three-Peat editions made for the ’98 Bulls and ’02 Lakers.

The first thing that Michael said [after winning the 1998 Championship] is, ‘Jeffrey, where’s my coat?’ He was the only one in the world who called me Jeffrey. He put the jacket on and everyone’s taking pictures, excited.

Jeff Hamilton in the Chicago Bulls’ locker room after the completion of the second three-peat

The flamboyant jackets are made from multi-colored hand-cut Italian lambskin and feature hand-dyed and -sewn logos and ornamentation that’s put together in a painstakingly long and detail-obsessed process. A sign of true master craftsmanship, each jacket carries a special edition plaque signed by Jeff Hamilton on the satin lining on its inside.

Of course, all of this labor and quality comes with a price. But given that these jackets are hand-cut and -sewn by Jeff exactly the way he made them for Michael, Scottie, and Kobe back in the day, they are the ultimate collector’s piece for any fan of either franchise. And with a production time of roughly 60 days per jacket, these one-of-a-kind pieces don’t come around very often.

As avid fans of the game of basketball as well as its culture, BSTN is thrilled to release the original Jeff Hamilton Three-Peat Championship leather jackets on Friday, May 28th, in extremely limited quantities. This is not an artificial scarcity type of deal. When these hand-made rarities are gone, they’re gone.

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