The Prince of Reggaeton is teaming up with the Jumpman once again for the release of another Air Jordan signature staple designed by J Balvin. The Colombian artist has come up with a highlight for his second Jordan collaboration, equipping his Air Jordan II with a wings logo on the shoes’ tongue that lights up when pressed.

I had the Buzz Lightyear sneakers and I remember that they would shine with every step I took. And that inspired the idea to literally show people that, even when you’re walking through darkness, the light is what’s guiding you and helping you find your way. I wanted to take that excitement from my youth and pair it with my favorite brand, which is Jordan. It blew their minds.

J Balvin on the inspiration behind his AJ II’s special feature, via Complex

The J Balvin x Air Jordan II features a striking upper made up of energetic blue and distinct cloud graphics on the heel counter as well as on the sock liner. In addition, the expertly crafted shoe boasts rainbow stitching – a characteristic J Balvin trademark – throughout the entirety of the shoe, coupled with the artist’s signature smiley face logo on the heel.

The release of the J Balvin’s second Air Jordan signature release – following an AJI design that was as head-turning as it was highly sought-after – kicks off the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. “Michael Jordan has always been so kind to me,” Balvin says. “I had the chance to talk to him in person and it was amazing. His wife is Latina and understands the culture and expectations of traditional careers within the Latin culture.”

The artist is convinced that Jordan’s proximity to the culture gives him special insight in the relevance of collaborations like this for the Latin community. And Balvin adds: “I know they love what we’re trying to accomplish with the concept for this collection. This is a huge achievement for the Latin culture.”

The Air Jordan II is accompanied by an apparel collection that include a brain logo, another feature to draw attention to mental health and stressing the importance of emotional fitness.

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