Image via Drake’s ‘Jumbotron Shit Poppin’ video

Who’s hip-hop’s richest archivist? We got Drake as the contender, and even if he might end up not getting that title, he probably couldn’t care less as long as he keeps on winning every auction of historic hip-hop jewelry there is: Not only did he famously purchase most of Pharrell William’s iconic chains – including two Skateboard (P) chains, two N.E.R.D. chains and a BBC chain – for a whopping $2.6 million during an auction earlier this year. For another nice $1 million, he also recently bought Tupac Shakur’s engagement ring, which the late rapper designed for him and his wife-to-be, Kidada Jones.

Drake’s big-time purchases might not come as much of a surprise though if one takes a look at the OVO boss’s history of paying hommage to his childhood heroes: A 2000s rap-themed party, with Drake dressed up as Fabolous in the ‘Trade It All, Pt. 2’ music video, complete with two Jesus chains, anyone? Drake putting on Cam’ron’s infamous pink mink plus the rapper’s Dipset chain in Harlem, bringing out the whole Dipset crew, and smiling from ear to ear? And this is just the tip of the ice-berg (pun intended).

So as money doesn’t seem to be a problem for the rap nerd Six God, we might have a clue already for whose jewelry he might go next if they are ever getting auctioned off. And here we go:

‘Rich Yung’ chain by Fabolous

Drake repeatedly named Fabolous a huge influence both musically and fashion wise, and – as mentioned before – cosplayed as the Brooklynite before: So if there is one person who might admire Fabolous’ old chain pendant with the logo of his (extremely-shortlived) clothing line ‘Rich Yung’, then it’s Drake. Safe bet.

Cam’ron’s ‘Spinning Globe’

There’s a big chance that this chain actually is on ‘display’ every now and then at Drake’s anyways: Lil’ Yachty, a frequent Drake collaborateur and close friend, owns the ‘Spinning Globe’ chain these days, which Cam’ron got customized for himself as an hommage to Tony Montana and the movie character’s ‘The World is Yours’ artwork.

Yachty got the surrounding ‘Killa Cam Harlem World’ replaced with ‘Yachty World’, but the most important part is: It’s still spinning, thanks to battery power. No way that Drake could not want this piece, given his admiration for Killa Cam.

‘Euphanasia’ pendant by Tupac or Young Jeezy

This is simple: Drake bought Tupac’s engagement ring. He copped himself two Jesus chains with Tupac’s face on it. He stated in 2011 that if there’s one rapper he admires to be like, it’s the late Makaveli. With the ‘Euphanasia’ chain being even rarer than the late legend’s Death Row chain, it’s a no-brainer. In case it’s missing, we’re voting for the modernized version of another seemingly huge Tupac fan: Young Jeezy.

Ghostface Killa’s insanely big Medusa head

And another 90s legend: We’ve seen Drake wearing the Wu-Tang logo before. He honored them with his song ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ off of ‘Nothing Was The Same’ and invited them over for the official remix. So bottom line: He’s a Wu fan. And if there is one piece of jewelry that even gives Drake’s Stone Island chain an easy run, it’s the Versace/ Medusa head chain pendant by Wu member Ghostface Killa. Second guess: Ghost’s arguably even-more-insane bracelet with the gigantous golden eagle on it.

Anything Lil’ Wayne

You know we had to include some Weezy F Baby here: Just judging from Drake’s constant hymns of praise on the man who discovered him and catapulted him to super-stardom, Lil’ Wayne obviously has a whole V.I.P. lounge reserved in Drake’s heart. And Drake being the 90s kid (and the rich adult) that he is, there’s a good chance that he’d like to show his admiration with an iconic piece of jewelry from the time when his mentor was a newcomer himself: In comes the Cash Money Records chain from Lil’ Wayne’s glorious Hot Boys days.

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