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Oakland Raiders

Built on a classic color scheme that goes with virtually anything, the silver and black have transcended the football field (and their one-of-a-kind owner) to become a piece of the culture as well as a symbol for the West coast and general bad-guyism.

New York Yankees

Rule of thumb: If an entire design feature becomes synonymous with your team — despite said feature being used by other not-uniconic franchises, even within your own sport — your inclusion on this list is an absolute no-brainer. Captain’s order.

New Zealand All Blacks

The haka might have something to do with this, but the All Blacks’ eponymous jerseys are just as intimidating as they are simple and timeless.

Red On Sundays

While this might not be the first thing that’s associated with the word ‘uniform’ and it may technically not even be a jersey by traditional definition, Tiger Woods sporting red on Sundays is an outfit unlike any other.

The Dream Team

The 1992 Dream Team not only demonstrated the beauty of the game of basketball to an previously untapped audience, but it also brought an unmistakable swagger to the Games. And MJ, Magic, Bird, and Co. brought it in these timelessly sleek jerseys!

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

You could have picked several other schools (and you probably will have, based on your personal affiliation and/or alma mater), but if there is one word that sums up the Irish’s design based around their distinctive golden helmets, it’s tradition. This time-tested formula still applies to the most modern iterations of the uniform.

L.A. Kings

Not many hockey jerseys have made the jump to mainstream fashion, but the bold lettering and the simplistic design of the L.A. Kings’ black stand-out black uniform create an instant classic.

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Selección de fútbol de Argentina

La Albiceleste (the white and sky blues) not only raise a claim for one of the most recognizable jersey designs of all time, but their one-two punch of historically great number 10s is also one for the history books.

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While black and white make up several jerseys on this list, there might not be another team on the planet associated as closely with the two colors as the Bianconeri. Studded with stars as well as trophies, the Vecchia Signora of European football reigns supreme.

L.A. Lakers & Boston Celtics

Is it cheating to resort to arguably the greatest rivalry in basketball to round out this Top 10? Probably. But who can argue with the purple and gold as well as the Celtic green as two institutions that have not only stood the test of time from a stylistic standpoint but also have delivered more than 40% of any NBA championships ever won?

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Honorable mentions:

Green Bay Packers

The definition of timeless, the Packers’ tradition of sticking to their guns (both philosophically and aesthetically) is standing out from the crowd.

The 1998 World Cup

An iconic jersey of the victorious French squad (closely edging out a slightly blood-stained 2006 version) going up against one of many classic Seleção shirts, that starred in an all-timer of a soccer commercial.

San Diego Chargers

The powder blue Bolts’ jerseys will forever remain a fan favorite!

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