Whether it’s for mouth-watering delicacies, for gathering your day ones, for expressing gratitude or for another argument with an uncle whether cranberry sauce or jelly is for the win: What’s not to love about a good ol’ Thanksgiving Dinner?

So without further ado, here come five hand-picked tips to spice up yours, featuring recipes by Action Bronson, Quavo, the late MF DOOM and more of our favorite foodies. And we didn’t forget about dessert and the low-key best part of Thanksgiving: leftovers for the morning after!

Herbed Turkey and Gravy (by Snoop Dogg)

While it’s the main dish for many Thanksgiving lovers, let’s skip the starters and get right into how The Doggfather cooks it up: A herbed Turkey, coming with herb butter, zested oranges and all that good stuff. Because if that wasn’t crystal clear already: A dry, flavorless turkey will definitely cost you that Thanksgiving host spot eternally.

You can find Snoop’s full recipe here.

Villainous Mac and Cheeze (by MF DOOM)

The playful lyrics of MF DOOM weren’t full with food cross-references for no reason: The wordsmith/ producer was a true gourmand who, similar to his exceptional status within hip-hop, even managed to put a (quote) ‘villainous’ twist on a (Thanksgiving) staple like Mac & Cheese. Find the recipe in the caption above!

Prison BBQ Salmon (by Prodigy)

Fish or sea food might not be the first thing that comes to mind with Thanksgiving dinner. Aside from the fact that culinary historians believe that much of 1621’s first celebration consisted of fish, given its abundancy in New England, we can probably all agree on Thanksgiving’s core message though: It’s about being grateful for what we have.

Nothing sums this up better than the Prison BBQ Salmon, perfected by Mobb Deep’s late Prodigy, and put together within the limited options of prison kitchens. The Queensbridge legend says it best in the video: “Ain’t no such thing as halfway cooks”, so better don’t mess it up!

Apple Crisps (by Quavo)

The days of cooking up stuff with a uzi luckily seem to be long gone for the Migos’ Quavo: His new culinary endeavors include an annual drive-thru turkey giveaway and a cookbook by his initiative ‘Quavo Cares’:

Amongst the meals are family recipes of holiday favorites like “Cheffed-Up Box Stuffing AKA Dressing”, Apple-Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Cinnamon Rice Pudding. And did we mention Apple Crisps? You can check out the cookbook here for free.

Leftover Sliders (by Action Bronson)

In case our trouser buttons hopefully keep up with the previous evening’s feast, we’ll have to try this one as well: Mouth-watering sliders by our favorite chef-turned-rapper, completely composed of Thanksgiving leftovers like gravy, Mac and Cheese (see above) and turkey breast meat. Enjoy!

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