Photo by Hélène Hadjiyianni

Inspired by an early love for the game, this Paris-based photographer and filmmaker searches for stories that reveal basketball’s impact on individuals as well as their communities, while demonstrating the game’s universality throughout the world.

Kevin Couliau articulates the beauty of basketball through his photographs that express the nature, aesthetic and culture of the sport. He posesses an acute awareness of sociology, urban design and architecture converge into the composition and content of his photographs.

Kevin Couliau, photographed by Hélène Hadjiyianni

An avid traveler, Kev publishes an independent magazine, Asphalt Chronicles, that distills topics and aesthetics of pick-up basketball culture. Like his digital works, the printed publication offers a unique insight into the various differences and similarities among the hoops communities he’s encountered on his journey.

Asphalt Chronicles’ mission is to provide a global perspective on grassroots basketball culture through stunning visuals and unexpected narratives. Initiated in 2004 with the strong desire to highlight pick-up basketball aesthetics and lifestyle, this independent project quickly turned into a creative journey across the globe.

Not unlike many ball players, the city of New York holds a special place in Kevin Couliau’s heart. His passion for the came and deep knowledge of the city’s role in it culminated in the award-winning documentary Doin’ It In The Park that he created with the equally passionate and knowledgeable Bobbito Garcia in 2012. The film featuring New York City’s most prolific basketball courts and its historical pick-up basketball scene.

The term “must-watch” is often overused. This documentary, however, is a must-watch. Full stop.

As long-time friends and admirers of his work, BSTN is thrilled to announce that starting March 5th, three issues of Asphalt Chronicles will also be available at BSTN once again. Re-issues of mags #1 Manila and #2 Dakar will release as a newly-created two-in-one feature while issue #3 Paris drops individually.

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