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Even if you’re not a basketball-lifer, Anthony Edwards has become unavoidable – in the best sense of the word – in recent weeks. Between physics-defying dunks and post-game quote fests, the Timberwolves’ playoff run has elevated the young basketball phenom into an internet sensation.

Having just led his team to a 45-point waxing of the defending champions in Game 6 of their second round match-up, Ant stepped up to the podium to deliver another gem when asked about what he told the Nuggets’ locker room staff after Game 5 [played at Denver]:

It’s the ‘Hell yeah!’ that starts off his answer. The reporter knew what was said before asking the question. And Ant knew that he knew. So, he is not hiding his confidence. Not in Denver, after Game 5, and neither in the press conference after Game 6. It’s no wonder that no player has gained more followers during this year’s Playoffs than him.

While comparisons to the greatest to ever play the game are usually as frowned upon as they are fruitless, even former players can’t help but point out some blatant similarities with a young Michael Jordan. Not because Anthony Edwards checks all of the boxes, but because he combines spectacular on-court heroics with an overwhelming self-confidence and off-court charm.

In the wise words of K-Mart: One thing for sure, two things for certain. Game 7 between the Timberwolves and the Nuggets on Sunday is must-watch television. There might not have been a close contest between the two teams all series, but the defending champ and reigning MVP against the prodigy who’s got next more so than anyone else in the league at this point in time is appointment viewing!

Secondly, regardless of how Game 7 [the first for Minnesota in 20 years] turns out – here’s hoping that it’s not going to be a blow-out in either direction but basketball fans get treated to a nail-biter for once – this will not be the last that the global hoops community has seen of Ant this spring/summer.

At the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris in July, Team USA Basketball will be made up of an old guard of well-established stars that are used to being the faces of the league and an über-talented up-and-comer, all of which is awfully reminiscent of a certain process that took place with the 1992 Dream Team during the games in Barcelona.

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