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There is quite a peculiar math problem that ensues certainly and immediately after the final buzzer of the last game of the NBA Finals. While the confetti is raining down from the rafters, the victors are jumping for joy, and the runners-up are fleeing to the seclusion of the locker rooms, the mathematical reality sets in.

Twelve to fifteen players have just won the championship, but there is only one trophy to go around. Sure, a team’s Scottie Pippen might seize the opportunity to grab the Larry O’Brien while the Michael Jordan of the scenario hoists the Bill Russell Finals MVP. But with the highly-sought after championship rings months away from being put on the winning player’s fingers, there is one ceremonial item that becomes priority number one for all players during the celebration: The official NBA championship hats.

While cigars and champagne bottles (and, again, if you’re MJ, a hand-crafted Jeff Hamilton leather jacket) have been staples of any major celebration for decades, burning eyes and a persistent couch will only get players so far. However, the official championship hats, produced exclusively for the occasion of that year’s NBA Finals, are the most surefire proof of accomplishment and universally-recognized sign of any player belonging to the team that just wrote its name into the NBA history books.

That’s why all players, from the team’s top dog’s to the guys in street clothes sitting on the end of the bench, gravitate instantly towards this unmistakable sign of affiliation with the newly-crowned champions of the basketball world.

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

In its quest for supreme authenticity and basketball heritage, Mitchell & Ness has released a limited edition of authentic NBA championship hats worn by the players on some of the most legendary Finals winners including the Chicago Bulls, L.A. Lakers, and Boston Celtics.

The exclusive line of premium head-wear releases at BSTN on Friday, August 6th. Grab your favorite via the button below!

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