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Ralph Lauren – both the man and the brand – is a true rags-to-riches American dream story. Literally starting out with rags, which the young boy from the Bronx reworked into ties and sold to fellow students. Working for a tie company later on, he was inspired to begin designing by himself, drawing inspiration from American high society, and finally in 1967 started his own unique line named Polo.


A few years later the world got introduced to his short-sleeved collared sport shirt featuring the embroidered polo player on the chest – the legendary Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt was born, which gave the beloved piece an additional rise in popularity. Expandation followed with new lines and a wide range from homewares, denim, kids and sport apparel. Whether today you’re looking for the iconic polo shirts, jackets, pants, socks or caps – Polo Ralph Lauren will leave nothing to be desired. 


From punks to skaters, from Ivy league college kids to hip hop rappers – Polo Ralph Lauren quickly got really popular among the sub-cultures of the late 80s and 90s. Especially one of the core brand values, the idea you could start from nothing and become something, was reflected in the rap narrative. The surge in hip hop culture happened to coincide with the release of two of Ralph Lauren’s most iconic motifs: the American flag and Polo Bear, which gained instant cult success and are highly demanded to this day.