The word ‘icon’ is tossed around too easily these days. But when Allen Iverson appeared on the cover of SLAM Magazine‘s issue #32 with his hair out, wearing a chain, and his wifebeater sticking out underneath a Mitchell & Ness “Phila” jersey that would go on to help kick-start the retro jersey craze, it was just that. Iconic. Full stop.

While a number of stars had to align for this legendary cover to come together in the first place, it became an instant fan-favorite and a perennial staple of basketball culture because the particular symbiosis between star player and media outlet pinpoints a shift in the awareness of the sport. In its essence, it captures the trailblazing role that Allen Iverson played for his peers as well as for basketball fans around the globe.

The Answer’s career was not only celebrated as ground-breaking because he was a 6-0 Guard driving to the basket with reckless abandon. It’s equally as much heralded for the influence that Iverson had on basketball culture by the way he carried himself as well as the way he dressed – on and off the court.

The all-new campaign by BSTN for the Reebok Question Low is a heartfelt tribute to AI’s trailblazing role and the characteristic looks and hairstyles he embodied (brought to life by Fresh Prince The Barber and hair stylist Priscille Pembele).

To commemorate Allen Iverson’s outstanding influence on the basketball culture that is a key part of BSTN’s DNA, we teamed up with Reebok to create a one-of-a-kind 24k gold-plated comb to represent the many looks and hairstyles that The Answer pioneered in the NBA (hand-crafted by Goldcase Customs).

The Reebok Question Low releases at BSTN on Friday, May 14th. Secure your pair via the button below!

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