True to BSTN’s proprietary ‘Feed Fam, Fuck Fame!‘ philosophy, we’re introducing you to some members of the immediate as well as the extended BSTN family. In their own words, they talk about themselves, their career, and selected topics close to their heart. This is Feed Fam – Episode XIV featuring our very own Aaron Sanders.

On celebrating his first father’s day as a dad recently:

Becoming a dad has been one of the best additions to my life and has naturally made me slow down and embrace the present. I’m constantly reminded on how fast children grow and it always highlights how important it is to recognize and appreciate the current. I feel that being a father has given me new purpose and the ability to let go of fear and uncertainties.

An American’s take on the growth of the game of (American) football on this side of the pond:

I think the growth of the sport in this country has been great and I applaud all the coaches, physios, club managers etc. that volunteer countless hours to build their programs to help grow this network.

The addition of the NFL international series has allowed the growth of the professional game on this side and has given international players an opportunity to make it to the NFL and play at the highest level, it’s definitely inspiring the next wave of people who want to be a part of the sport. There are now youth academies and flag programs developing all over the country which certainly helps to build the culture and overall interest in the sport.

On his transition from field to sideline of the gridiron and on maintaining a close relationship with the game:

As all athletes know, “Father Time” is undefeated and there is always a moment that you have to hang up the helmet. I was very fortunate to stop playing on my own terms and never being forced to do so by injury, so I don’t necessarily have any regrets.

But you always miss the elements of the game and the relationships you build with your teammates and people over the years. Coaching brings an element of this to your life and helps you pick up some of these moments and experiences but from a different perspective and responsibility. 

On the values of team sports in everyday life:

Having played team sports all my life has brought incredible experiences and people into my life that I will always cherish. I was able to build values and understanding in the areas of dedication, sacrifice, leadership, and accountability that have certainly helped to shape the person I am today. I’m truly grateful for the lessons learned and relationships that have come through playing the games I love. 

On what got him where he is today:

My family, most importantly my mother, she has been able to install incredible traits in me that I’m forever grateful for and has always been a leading example of what I value in people. My mother is certainly instrumental.

I would also say that my work ethic and mentality to never cut corners has been a guiding light at doing things in a wholesome and rewarding way. [This man has read an MJ quote or two. The Ed.]

On his source of motivation:

I find inspiration in many things, like family, sports, and creativity, especially here in London. But even the smallest of gestures and observations day to day, like a passer by walking by and smiling or wishing you a great day. I’m also motivated by conversations and observations and most importantly the idea that time is finite and that I want to maximize my experiences and relationships.

On the concept behind the BSTN B-Hive:

The B Hive was created as a platform to connect with and also raise the voice of the community. This space was built to activate discussions, acquire new knowledge, showcase creativity and be a space for the area. We were founded through our overall love for sports, so we also look to connect with the community inside and outside the space.

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