The initial conversation felt like the beginning to Happy, and it certainly did sound crazy what Pharrell Williams was about to say. But once Morgan Neville, the Oscar-winning producer and director, found out that the musician and master creative was serious, he was open to the idea: Their new movie was going to be made entirely from Lego bricks: Piece by Piece.

The trailer for Piece by Piece looks promising either way: Following Pharrell’s journey from a music-loving child (aka not the most popular kid in the neighborhood) to the superstar producer/ singer/ fashion mogul he’s known as these days, the film takes audiences way back in time. From Pharrell’s humble beginnings with Neptunes production partner Chad Hugo, to their first hit record, and the consecutive domination of Y2K hitlists – we’re talking Noreaga, Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, that one time they singlehandedly revived Snoop Dogg’s declining career, and many more.

The film not only features all-new music by Pharrell but also promises a brickyfied look at some of his legendary music videos and fashion endeavors – the latest of which, the Human Race x adidas Samba is now available at BSTN.

In addition, the initial trailer offers a look at some of the biggest names in music over the past two decades – from Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z or to Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes – brought to live as instantly recognizable Lego minifigures.

What we made is not like any other movie. I don’t know what a comp for it would be. People can try and label it. It’s just its own film. It’s mind-blowing, in a way, the freedom that we were able to put together in the film, but that only works if you’re channeling your subject.

Pharrell about ‘Piece by Piece’

To pass the time before the film’s release in October, enjoy the gallery of hip hop superstars in brick form or browse BSTN’s hand-picked selection of Lego essentials via the button below!

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