As if it would not be challenging enough to constantly raise the high levels of premium collectibles, Superplastic by Paul Budnitz (who already masterminded Kidrobot before) simultaneously manages to deliver sold-out collabs on the regular since 2018 – all while the cult following of some of their characters is growing and growing.

We talked to the designer toy brand about collab choices, their design process, the upcoming animates series by Janky & Guggimon and more!

Superplastic has collaborated with several artists on figurines before. How do you decide which artists to work with?

At Superplastic, we value the collaborations that come through our brand connections. However, we also proactively seek artists who bring a fresh, unique, and diverse creative perspective to our brand and to the world. We aim to maintain a roster of dynamic artists, drawing on the talents of illustrators, graffiti artists, tattooists, sculptors, and more. We’re always looking to add to that roster, and we encourage artists who are interested in collaborating with us to reach out to us directly.

Please walk us through the design process for creating a new Superplastic character or product!

All designs start as 2D drawings and go through a multi-step revision process until they are perfect. Designs are then modeled and altered in 3D to look and function how a vinyl toy should. Lastly, it goes through the coloring and rendering process to match the physical version!

You just raised $20M for an animated comedy series starring „Guggimon & Janky“, with Amazon TV involved, amongst others: How can a brand maintain its own personality with so many different parties involved?

We are stoked about this collaboration and know Janky and Guggimon are also. No matter how many parties are involved, we maintain ownership of our IP with a ruthless commitment to upholding the integrity of our characters and the Superplastic brand. No compromises!

What can people expect from the show?

The Janky & Guggimon Show follows the adventures of two lazy and spectacularly incompetent best friends who are hell-bent on getting rich and famous but leave a trail of chaos and destruction in their wake. It’s going to be epic. Stay tuned.

Can you discuss any other upcoming projects that Superplastic fans can look forward to?

We have some insane upcoming projects that fans can anticipate. These projects are set to bring unexpected experiences, including music and more, throughout the year. Follow us on socials @superplastic to stay in the know.

Superplastic collectibles are available at BSTN in limited quantities, including the brand new Janky Serious Four, the OG Slick collab and Gorillaz blind boxes. Pick up your favorite figurine via the link below!

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