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If you consider yourself a sports fan, what’s your favorite time of the year? Which month offers the apex level of athletic entertainment? There is a case to be made for a week in spring that combines The Masters with the NCAA tournament and the start of baseball. However, the MLB lockout has nipped that one in the bud for 2022. And if your heart beats for pro basketball, it never stood a chance anyways.

For many basketball aficionados, there is no time like the NBA Playoffs, especially after a regular season as injury-plagued and interrupted by quarantine periods like this one. The post-season is truly where it’s at. Just like Wanda Durant, this is the real one. Rotations get shortened and head-to-head match-ups become more important as the rounds go on.

While the intensity of The Finals remains unmatched, the draw of the early rounds of the NBA Playoffs lies in the opportunity of being treated to high-level basketball and post-season atmosphere on a nightly basis. What’s better than a playoff double-header? Another one coming up the day after! For basketball fans, the early rounds of the Playoffs are an all-you-can-watch buffet of premium NBA entertainment.

And with the upcoming match-ups, deliciousness awaits wherever you look. The red-hot Celtics are looking at a path to The Finals that includes the Brooklyn Nets (granted, it was a sweep), the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks and the winner of the first-place Miami Heat vs. the Philadelphia 76ers with Joel Embiid hell-bent to brute-force his way to the promised land. Meanwhile in the other conference, Phoenix is looking to get D-Book back just in time because Golden State appears to be as locked-and-loaded as ever and young Luka has just gotten the taste of winning his first Playoff series. As NBA fans, we’re in for a treat. Or two.

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