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Mitchell & Ness, known these days for retro sportswear of high quality, was founded in Philadelphia in 1904 by two sports enthusiasts by the names of Frank P. Mitchell and Charles M. Ness. Initially, the company specialized in the manufacture of tennis rackets and golf clubs, but eventually also supplied uniforms to smaller local sports teams. The breakthrough came in 1933 when Mitchell & Ness was commissioned to equip the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles which resulted in a long-time partnership and in equipping other professional sports teams as well. But eventually the partnerships with the sports teams came to an end and the firm needed to adapt itself once more to break new ground on the market.


The year that changed everything for Mitchell & Ness, was 1983: That’s when they switched directions and began manufacturing and selling vintage retro jerseys. The almost forgotten retro jerseys were in great demand and by purchasing the naming rights from the biggest American sports leagues, such as the NBA or the NFL, the way was paved for the age of retro jerseys made by Mitchell & Ness. Through careful research, high-quality processing and use of the fabrics of the original jerseys, Mitchell & Ness was able to produce particularly detailed retro jerseys.


Mitchell & Ness caps in various designs quickly achieved legendary standing among sports fans due to the quality and the authenticity of the much sought-after snapbacks and the resulting opportunity to represent their favorite sports team. The company also offers other retro team equipment, such as team college jackets, team hoodies or shirts. The focus of the range is of course still on the ingenious retro jerseys and matching shorts. Whether it's Michael Jordan's popular Chicago Bulls retro jersey, Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers jersey or a jersey of the Seattle Supersonics, Mitchell & Ness has you covered with the best and most popular jerseys from the past.